Allegany Engine Company

Allegany Rescue and EMS Inc.


The Allegany Rescue and EMS Inc.(AREMS) , is a Not-for-Profit volunteer organization staffed soley of volunteers.

Our mission is to provide prehospital emergency medical care to all those who request it in the Village and Town of Allegany and the Town of Humphrey. The service meets or exceeds certification standards established by New York State and adheres to all standards established by appropriate county and regional organizations. The service is timely and of high quality.


Allegany Rescue and EMS is totally supported by third party billing for ambulance transports.

  • AREMS bills for services when a patient is transported.
  • We gratefully accept donations or memorials.
  • We receive no funds from any level of government or fire department, except for an occasional grant for a specified purpose.
  • AREMS major expense and the reason why transport charges might seem high is the cost of having crews and equipment available at all times. It costs a little over $150,000 to replace an ambulance as needed.

AREMS runs calls with 3 ALS level ambulances from 1 station located on North 1st Street in the Village of Allegany.  All members are various levels of care providers including EMT, Critical Care, and Paramedic.  Most members are dual members with the Allegany Engine Company.


Basic Life Support (BLS):

As required for ambulance certification by the NYS Department of Health, all medics must hold at least a NYS emergency medical technician (EMT) certificate.

The emergency medical technician (EMT) course, which takes approximately 100 hours, provides people with the emergency medical knowledge and skills necessary to care for the sick and injured in a prehospital setting. Topics include:

  • recognition and treatment of respiratory and circulatory emergencies.
  • trauma.
  • medical emergencies.
  • environmental injuries.
  • emergency childbirth.
  • psychological emergencies.

All EMTs are trained in CPR and defibrillation (electrical restoration of a normal heartbeat).

Advanced Life Support (ALS):

In order to provide ALS service, many AREMS personnel have more advanced training.

The EMT-Intermediate course (approximately 60 classroom and 100 clinical hours) is designed to provide EMTs with the additional knowledge and skills to handle more advanced prehospital procedures. The focus is on airway management including endotracheal intubations, shock management including intravenous therapy and trauma assessment.

The intensive eighteen-month EMT-Paramedic program prepares a person who is already an experienced EMT to care for the sick and injured at an advanced level. This course covers topics that include:

  • basic anatomy and physiology.
  • advanced patient assessment techniques.
  • airway management.
  • respiratory emergencies.
  • surgical airway procedures.
  • cardiac care, including external pacing and cardioversion.
  • 12-lead EKG interpretation.
  • pharmacology.
  • venous access and medication administration.
  • advanced treatment for hypoperfusion.
  • pediatric emergencies.
  • caring for the elderly.
  • chest decompression.
  • special immobilization techniques.
  • medical documentation.

The course also requires completion of rotations in:

  • emergency department.
  • IV team.
  • morgue.
  • medical and surgical intensive care units.
  • pediatrics and pediatric intensive care units.
  • labor and delivery department.
  • psychiatric department.

and advanced prehospital experience.


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